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Get your Grand Canyon trip planning off to a great start! 

National Geographic Park Profile: Grand Canyon Country explores the spectacular 277-mile-long gash in Arizona's red-rock country—noted by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 as "the most impressive piece of scenery I have ever looked at"—and much more. Along with the geological marvels, amazing views along the popular South Rim, and higher, cooler North Rim, the book probes ancient Indian cultures, remote forests of the Kaibab Plateau, lonely reaches of the Arizona strip, and the multihued landscapes of the Painted Desert. All the wonders of the Grand Canyon are captured in this first-person narrative—from the awe-inspiring sunsets to hikes on treacherous trails to an exciting trip down the Colorado.  200 pages; 100 color photographs, 1 map.  Softcover.

National Geographic Trails Illustrated Grand Canyon National Park Trail Map offers comprehensive coverage of Bright Angel Canyon and the North and South rims.

  • Coverage includes miles 60 - 98 of the Colorado River, North and South Rim visitor centers, Grand Canyon Village, National Geographic IMAX and Tusayan
  • Also covers Grand Canyon Railroad Station, Bright Angel Trail (with elevation profile), West Rim Trail, Kaibab Trail, Arizona Trail and Grand Canyon Lodge
  • Lists wilderness tips and Leave No Trace guidelines, along with trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds, geologic history and much more
  • Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating for exceptional durability
  • Includes selected waypoints in both lat./lon. and UTM? coordinate systems as well as GPS-compatible UTM? grid lines for easy navigation
  • Measures 9.25 x 4.25 in. folded and 39 x 27 in. fully opened; scale of 1:35,000
  • National Geographic Maps; copyright 2009

Official Guide to Hiking Grand Canyon: More than four million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park every year, but most visitors choose not to stray beyond the heavily visited trails or to venture below the Canyon's rims. The rim trails and the routes to the inner canyon offer solitude and expose beauty vastly different from what can be seeing from the developed areas of the Rims. This edition of the Official Guide to Hiking Grand Canyon provides an overview of all the park's major trails, with notations about difficulty levels, conditions, water sources, distances from point to point and elevation gain and losses.

Grand Canyon Tour: As you approach the Grand Canyon, you are crossing the Colorado Plateau, a 130,000 square mile bulge in the earth's surface spanning half of Utah and a good portion of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Around its edges are the upthrust Rocky Mountains, the stretched-apart Great Basin, the contorted rocks of Arizona's Transition Zone, and ancient volcanoes. Despite all the geologic activity around it, the Plateau has managed to stay relatively flat and unfolded, but as a whole, it has been uplifted more than a mile. This tour will walk you through some of the Canyon's notable features - a great resource for any visitor to the Canyon.

Also included is a variety official National Park Service publications and Grand Canyon informational brochures.