Koyemsi Plaque

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Koyemsi Plaque

  • 6 1/2" W x 7 1/2" H
  • Certificate of Authenticity is provided
  • Native American made
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This Pota (Hopi coiled basket) depicts a Koyemsi (mudhead) katsina. Hopi coiled basketry is made with split yucca leaves that have been dyed or cured to get vibrant colors. Detailing is done by meticulously stitching, and sometimes embroidering, yucca splints into place with an awl. 

Kyle Kootswatewa

Navajo/ Dine' 


Kyle “Hokona” Kootswatewa is a traditional artist and culture bearer of Hopi descent, coming from the Kachina clan in Mungapi (Moenkopi), Arizona.

A weaver, potter, and practitioner of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, he learned how to work with the Earth through his maternal clan grandparents and mothers and uncles. The processes of foraging, cooking, and building has allowed him to become well versed in the traditional sciences of agriculture, botany, nutrition, permaculture, geology, and the chemistry that brings all these natural sources into action within his community.

Kootswatewa earned a Bachelor of Arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) and utilizes his academic training and traditional ecological knowledge towards fortifying earth stewardship and to help preserve Hopi basketry and pottery. Within the community, has mentored numerous relatives and friends, to engage and guide their interest in working with natural fibers and clay.